Into Love: Eyewitness Exhibition Design


The brief asked students to "translate a written, first person account of a significant event, into a typographic experience that is designed as a site-specific installation in the gallery of your choice."

My chosen ‘significant event’ is not a particular date or time in history, like the word ‘eyewitness’ may connote, but instead an event that occurs in everyday life, with only two ‘witnesses’;

falling in love.

Love is a significant experience that most of us will encounter at least once in our lives, romantic or otherwise. I wanted my audience to feel empathy, understanding and intrigue, whilst taking them back to personal moments in their own lives. I hoped to provide insight into someone else's experience of love; the parts of the story that wouldn't normally be told and the realistic side to a relationship that is usually kept privately between two people.

The chosen first hand account comprises of extracts from Alain De Botton's 'Essays in Love'. The author takes us through his perception of a short relationship, the excitement of falling in love, the reality of living with another person, and finally the problems and ending of the relationship.

The account is a very emotional piece of text, and I wanted my concept to focus on this. The space is a maze, where the viewer has to navigate around complex turns and twists, reflecting the nature of the account. I thought that it would be fitting if the maze walls disintegrated as the relationship began to fail.