Final Major; Bamum Script


This was my work for the 'Final major project' unit at the end of my third year degree.

The world has more than 6,000 languages, and those languages are written in fewer than 100 writing systems - more than a third of which are in danger of becoming obsolete. This project focuses on an endangered syllabary (writing system) from West Cameroon, Africa. The script was developed in the 19th Century but the colonisation of Africa during WW1 led to it's decline. Today some of the community are invested in reviving the script, through archived documents and getting the next generation to learn it.

The book is an informative celebration of this endangered syllabary, detailing the complex history of the script and typographically displaying the 83 characters.

An additional fold out fabric poster is included as a dust jacket, and displays the names and ruling dates of some of the famous kings of Bamum.

Special thanks to Konrad Tuchscherer, Claire McIntyre, Tim Brookes and Irina Wang for their advice and support.