Rhianna Davies


About Me

YCN student competition 2015 - Fedrigoni Sirio Ultra Black brief; asked students to propose marketing tools for the new paper stock. I focused my project on the relationship between light pollution and darkness. A large majority of people no longer experience true darkness at night due to light pollution. Sirio Ultra Black is 20% darker than any other stock, therefore this luxury black paper is a way for people to experience true darkness; symbolic of an older, more natural age. My response consists of two elements; a series of 4 large posters, and 4 postcards. I used data from NASA and NOAA to compile realistic representations of the night sky from space. The cut holes represent the most light polluted areas on earth, and the engraved, lighter dots represent slightly less polluted areas. The comparative series of posters and postcards look at 4 key dates ; 1992, 1998, 2004 and 2012. Lastly, I included 4 quotes from the book ‘The End of Night’, by astronomer Paul Bogard. I found this work relevant and inspiring whilst producing this project; it enlightened me to the meaning and importance of darkness in our natural world.