Rhianna Davies


About Me

Entry for D&AD New Blood competition 2016, in response to the Design Bridge brief. Project was completed in collaboration with Julie-Anne Bell.


The project aims to break gender stereotypes by placing emphasis on the need to stop categorising gender by clichés.


To stop promoting the ‘ideal’ or ‘desired’ body type we propose ‘all’: a brand including three essential hygiene products for anybody to use.


To be truly for all, these products are also customisable. The user can fill out a form to choose their own ingredients, and send it either by post, online or in-store. The in-store option is where the ingredients are mixed there and then, according to the preferences placed in an empty bottle; playing off the classic metaphor of ‘message in a bottle’.


We kept the whole aesthetic of our proposed brand simple and modernist, with no unnecessary decoration. This was (in part) to appeal to a wider range of genders, but also to strip back any 'beautifying effects' that colour and imagery can often connote.

In a similar way, we also stripped away the stereotypical language in our brand's tone of voice, avoiding cliché descriptive tag lines.